Threats to your business are constantly changing, luckily so are the solutions.

Threats to your business are constantly changing, luckily so are the solutions.

August 24, 2018

The year is wrapping up and before we all get too busy, now is the time to review your backup solution.  In our opinion all backups should be measured against Datto for the most robust and effective backup products on the market.

Datto provides small businesses security and protection once reserved for only the largest of budgets. With hourly images of your servers stored locally and synchronized to the cloud, your recovery options are fast and accessible.

When a massive tornado tore through Joplin, Mo. in 2011 it destroyed a local hospital’s network and their ability to effectively provide care.  In times like these there is no time to waste regaining access to critical patient data.  Happily, this hospital used Datto and was able to boot up a stored backup image of their servers and access them right on the Datto appliance.

So many small businesses are unsure or uncertain in their backup solution. Some use external or flash drives to backup “crucial data” weekly while others use cheap software and hardware solutions that provide inconsistent backups and long recovery times.

Recently, we assisted in 2 Ransomware recoveries.  While both instances resulted in a complete recovery the two experiences were vastly different.

Company #1 used a standard Cloud Backup solution. The good news is that the backup worked exactly the way it was supposed to work.  All data was fully backed up and safely stored away in the cloud.  The less good news is that it required days to recover data and rebuild servers. The recovery effort continued into the work week causing major impact to productivity.  In the end the company was glad to be fully recovered, however the event opened their eyes to the importance of Recovery Time and that downtime is expensive.

When Company #2 discovered that they had lost multiple servers and the majority of their shared data they were ill with worry.  The good news is they had a Datto backup solution. The even Better news is that it took under 1 hour to fully recovery all servers and data to a stored backup that was less than 45 minutes old.  This company also reflected on the importance of Recovery Time and how expensive downtime is and were glad they went with Datto.

Review your backup and data recovery solution annually. With threats to your environment constantly changing, so too, are the solutions to these threats.

We encourage you to review your backup solution and compare it against Datto. You can learn more by watching the video below, visiting Datto’s website or just giving us a call.