Is the cloud right for your business?

Is the cloud right for your business?

October 19, 2018

Are you a good candidate for cloud hosted file sharing? 

Actually, a better question may be, do you have data and employees that need access to that data?  Companies big and small are adopting cloud services and ditching their on-site file servers to increase security, simplify remote access and slash operating costs.

Enter Egnyte; A cloud hosted file storage and sharing platform that provides enterprise level collaboration, sharing and security tools for businesses.

As business evolves to a more mobile model, simple and secure remote access is critical.  You and your employees need to be able to access files from anywhere and on a variety of devices.  Egnyte delivers ease of access from your computer, cell phone, iPad or almost any other smart device. If you have access to the internet, then you have secure access to your files exactly as you do at the office.

Egnyte delivers comprehensive data security using encryption during access to defend against ransomware and other cyber threats. This encryption occurs during transit and in storage while meeting all global regulation standards including; PCI, HIPPA and SEC.

With our customers, it is common to discuss the benefits of cloud hosting whenever it’s time to add or upgrade local servers or network resources.  When we compare the cost and ROI of building and maintaining local infrastructure to cloud services…the value often becomes obvious.  Hardware, software, warranties, support, power, climate, size and scaled changes, are just some of the cost factors that can be replaced by a monthly per user subscription fee.   Oh, and don’t forget you can stop worrying about downtime with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.