Cybersecurity Awareness Training For Small Business

Cybersecurity Awareness Training For Small Business

August 27, 2021

Are you aware that one of the biggest hazards to your company’s cybersecurity defenses are your employees? It may be surprising to hear, but small businesses are a cybercriminal’s favorite target, specifically your employees with inbox threats like phishing attacks. And without the proper training, your staff could be simply handing over their passwords. You might be thinking, “I see those phishing emails every day, no one in my office would believe that email is real.”

This is a common & dangerous misconception. The reason you see phishing emails every day is because they work. If they didn’t, the bad guys would have moved on to a different tactic. To make matters worse, these attacks are only getting more sophisticated. In a recent test, research found that phishing emails written using artificial intelligence saw a significant increase in the success rate of end user interactions.   

So, what can you do to secure your business? Your first step needs to be training employees to protect your environment. Salvus TG can provide your organization with an ongoing cybersecurity testing and training program that will significantly improve your overall cybersecurity posture and prevent data loss. Here’s how it works:

Simulated Phishing Testing:
Your staff will receive realistic, customizable simulated phishing emails to determine how susceptible they are to real-world phishing attacks. Business owners will receive a report showing which users clicked links, downloaded attachments, or gave away their passwords during the test. This information can then be used to provide additional training to those users, specifically targeting their areas of weakness.

Focused training:
When a user fails a phishing test, they can be automatically placed into a short training campaign that focuses on the type of attack they just encountered. This automatic remediation provides context to the test and reinforces the red flags that were present and the best practices to avoid failing in the future. Business owners will also receive updates on which employee have and have not completed their trainings. This helps ensure that all employees participate in the training exercises.

Cybersecurity Training:
All employees should go through some training throughout the calendar year. Keeping security top of mind is one of the best ways to avoid falling prey to a social engineering attack. Foundational trainings can be scheduled as often as necessary and when a new threat trend emerges, an extra training campaign can be added at any time.

Awareness Roadmap:
Once you understand how your employees react to phishing emails and other social engineering attacks, an automated schedule of simulated phishing tests and training modules is created. This always on, continual approach is the most critical aspect of this program. Simply being reminded that cyber threats exist and what they look like can significantly impact an organization’s cybersecurity posture. This automated schedule can be adjusted at anytime to improve low scores, introduce new threats, and adhere to changing compliancy guidelines.

Would you like to learn more about how cybersecurity awareness training can protect your environment, help you fulfil compliancy requirements, or improve your cyber insurance rates? Reach out to us today or just give us a call at 816-222-1100.